Written by Chris "dj_stick" Stannard

Version 3537.6

This guide was written to show new users the basics of how to use the kX Project drivers for Creative Soundblaster Live! and Audigy 1/2 Soundcards.

This guide is based on the 3537 Release of the kX Project Drivers, some features may be unavailable if you are using a previous release, and there may be updated features if using a later release.

Note: Due to the amount of images in this guide (almost 3Mb in all), it may take sometime to load for those users on a slow connection. I apologise for this but these images are required to clarify instructions.

Changelog and Contact

Can I use kX?

Installing the Soundblaster Card into your computer

Uninstalling the Creative Drivers

How to Install the kX Project Drivers

How to optimise your computer for Recording

The kX Mixer

How to setup the microphone

Fixing the Bass problem in a 4.1 Setup

How to record Audio in an ASIO host

How to record Soundfonts in an ASIO host

Basic DSP Routing

How to participate in the kX Forums


kX Guide © 2004 by Chris Stannard, a kX user. All rights reserved.