I hope this guide is helpful for people who want to use an lowcost, but high quality sound card for using with BPM Studio.


A big advantage of the Creative Audigy 2 ZS is that it will cost appr. 100 dollar, after this HowTo you’ll have 3 stereochannels. I think this guide can also be used with any other Creative soundcard, just follow the basic steps.


Just follow these steps:


Step 1.

Download the kX3537 driver. This is the best driver at the moment to use with BPM Studio.

You can find the driver here


Step 2.

Go to the software screen & uninstall all Creative products listed there! Do not reboot when prompted, we have to do some more deleting before rebooting!


Step 3.

Go to device manager & uninstall the Audigy 2 ZS. When prompted, reboot you’re computer!


Step 4.

After rebooting it say's new hardware found, cancel that! Don't let windows install the drivers for it (they are the old Creative drivers)


Step 5.

Install the kX3537 driver. For more detailed information about that, look at this page


Step 6.

After installing the kX3537 driver you must reboot again.


Step 7.

When rebooted you'll get an message from Windows XP that it has found a multimedia controller, the kX 10k2 Audio - Model SB0350 . Let Windows XP find the driver, it will find the correct one.


Step 8.

When Windows XP is done with installation, reboot the computer again.


Step 9.

After the reboot open the kX Manager console


Step 10.

Click on the Speaker Setup... icon (with the ? in a round button). Pointed by the red arrow.



Step 11.

Choose what you want to use & select those settings in you’re console:


Player A & Player B separate without an additional monitor channel (2 stereo channels)



Player A & Player B separate with an additional monitor channel (3 stereochannels)



3 Stereo channels, free to select in BPM Studio.



Step 12.

Close kx Manager


Step 13.

Start BPM Studio 4.9


Step 14.

Open the menu Options & select Audio I/O


Step 15.

Change the current settings to the following (which you have chosen in Step 11.). If you need any additional functions next to the standard one’s which I described here, just choose the correct line-out. For example: I need also the sampler on Line 1 out, just select kX Wave SB0350 10k2 [c000] 4/5


- Player A & B separate without an additional monitor channel:



- Player A & B separate with an additional monitor channel:



- 3 Stereo channels, free to select in BPM Studio


You can use the following channels to select an function in the Audio I/O in BPM Studio:


- kX Wave SB0350 10k2 [c000] 4/5

- kX Wave SB0350 10k2 [c000] 6/7

- kX Wave SB0350 10k2 [c000] 8/9


So just select in the Audio I/O which function which line-out has to have.


Step 16.

Save the settings.


Step 17.

Connect the 3 stereojack cables to the following lineouts on the soundcard. For example:

Lineout 1: Player A

Lineout 2: Player B

Lineout 3: Monitor



Step 18.

Connect the correct cables to you're mixing desk. For example:

Mixing Desk Channel 1: Player A

Mixing Desk Channel 1: Player B

Mixing Desk Channel 1: Monitor


Step 19.

Open up the faders of you're mixing desk


Step 20.

Start DJ'ing !!!



The writer of this guide is not responsible for anything what is explained here. For questions just email me.